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Ryan Kelly


On Oct. 11, 2010, In Time the break out solo Cd for Ryan Kelly of Celtic Thunder was released to much acclaim and success.  All the information in this blog is taken from either or from

The first time I ever saw Ryan Kelly was on Detroit Public Television on Easter Sunday in 2011 when he appeared live in studio with fellow Celtic Thunder member,  George Donaldson. There was just something about this black haired blue eyed man I couldn't quite put my finger on.  Maybe it was those piercing blue eyes or was it something else?  I wouldn't find out until I did some more reading about Ryan Kelly.

I didn't know he had already released a solo Cd given the fact that I just became aware of Celtic Thunder in 2011.  I bought the Heritage Cd in late summer of 2011 before their concert in December.  I just started to explore YouTube to see what I could find from Celtic Thunder.  I even started going to the group's website and then one day I was reading a blog post that said Ryan was leaving the group. I think my heart stopped. I bet I wasn't the only one that felt that way.  Neil Byrne who was the lead guitarist joined the other lads as a performer taking over for Ryan who left unexpectedly.  Emmet Cahill joined the group in 2010, he took Paul Byrom's spot but wouldn't go on tour with the rest of the lads until 2011.

Then before the fall 2011 tour started it was announced Ryan would be returning and that Damian was leaving to do Glee.  There were lots of changes for 2011 but everything worked out.  Ryan was back that was all that mattered.  Now I was searching for Ryan Kelly on YouTube to see what I could find that's when I came across the Official video of "Not Far Apart."  The first time I listened to the video I cried, the second time I listened to it I cried.  This song just brings back memories of my grandma.  Though she's been gone for a while its still hard because she's not there anymore especially when she loved Christmas.  Loss is a terrible thing to experience and this song really speaks to that emotion. Here is the link for the video of "Not Far Apart."

The next song on YouTube I found  was the fan video for "Broken Things" which is another sad song. This song is about a broken heart which I can relate to 100 percent, because I have had a broken heart as do a lot of other people who've listened to this CD.  This was one of the first songs Ryan sang from In Time at the Acoustic By Candlelight show, it was the song he'd received a lot of comments about. I'm pretty sure there isn't a fan of either Celtic Thunder or Ryan Kelly that hasn't experienced heart break.  Loss of a loved one is heart breaking but loss from a breakup is just as bad.  With so many broken hearts its no wonder this song is so popular even if it is sad.  Here is the link for the fan video for "Broken Things." This is the video that was uploaded by RKMusicLTD. There is another fan video for this song but its not as good.

After "Broken Things" there was "The Village That They Call The Moy" which features photos of Ryan's beloved Moy in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  I love this video because it gives you have a peek at the town Ryan holds so close in his heart. I know everyone that has seen that video can't wait for the chance to view The Moy for themselves.  This is one of four songs that have a uptempo beat, I could be wrong but then again I could be right.  Since it is not possible for me to put into words what this song means I'll just include the link to the YouTube video for you to enjoy.

You can find just about all his music on YouTube with the exception of "Secret Bit of Right from Wrong" and "Heaven Bound."  Those seem to be two songs that fans haven't figure out how to create a video for.  I could post every link to all his songs but that would take up too much space besides I have much more to write about and I don't really want to cloud this blog with too many videos.  There seems to be only one official video for the song "Not Far Apart" and two fan videos that have been uploaded by RKMusicLTD, they are "In Too Deep" and "Broken Things."  If you want to check out any of the videos Ryan's fans have created just log into YouTube and search for the title of the song making sure to include the phrase "by Ryan Kelly" which will help narrow down the choices.

I only recently downloaded Ryan's CD In Time which I purchased from which is available to members for $5.39.  At iTunes you can download In Time for $9.99.  You can purchase the actual CD from CdBaby via Amazon for $19.99 or just download it from Amazon for $8.99.  It is also available on Amazon from other suppliers in the US priced from $19.42 - 28.11 plus 2.98 shipping.  There are also 3 suppliers that ship from outside the US but be aware of import fees associated with making a purchase from them. Shop around to find the best deal especially if your just going to download it, you can still save some money.

Ryan Kelly is a gifted artist with many talents.  Lets not let his talents go to waste because with our support he can shine.  His music speaks to many of us, it comforts us in our time of need without it where would we be.  Personally I am willing to do anything to help him in his career, I'll write about him and I'll write about his music.  I'll sing his praises because he's the genuine article.  He is sincere and sweet and oh so suave.  He is the total package which is a rarity in the music business.  I've had the pleasure of meeting him twice once on Dec. 7, 2011 and once on May 11, 2012.  He is a perfect gentleman with his female fans who absolutely love him.  So please check out his Cd and the various videos on YouTube you won't be sorry.  I love In Time and wouldn't trade it for anything else.  I also have a signed copy of his Cd which I hold very close to my heart.

Please check out my other posts again you won't be sorry.

Update: In April of 2013, Ryan Kelly asked his fans to send in photos to help him create a special video for one of his songs from his debut album In Time.  Fans from all over the globe submitted their pictures helping to create a one of a kind video for the song, "Secret Bit of Right From Wrong"a video for the fan by the fans.  The following link is the end result that was posted on YouTube on May 5, 2013.

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