Friday, May 18, 2012

Neil Byrne

Sensitive Souls - EP

This is my second new post since I've changed direction from what I'd previously blogged about.  Now I'm going to delve straight into the subject matter for which I am dedicating this blog to.  My first subject  is going to be Neil Byrne's EP - Sensitive Souls.  I started re-reading his bio again today to see what else I might say about him that isn't already known.  He is a sensitive soul there is no denying it.  He is true to his craft and deserves nothing but great success in his future endeavors.  However there is one thing he needs more than anything, he needs our support to get him over the hurdle that lies ahead of him.  In order to be a success you need to have fans willing to give you 110% of their time.  When we purchase his Cd's, merchandise and pay to see him perform live we are helping to further his dreams.

When I watch his videos on YouTube I'm mesmerized by his fingers and the way they move.  I know it sounds weird but I've always been intrigued by musicians that way.  Like the way Declan attacks the drums during Heartland.  The way his fingers move from one note to the next is very interesting.  I like paying attention to details like that which is why I've grown so attached to him as an artist.  His voice is very soothing to the ears and he's not to bad on the eyes either.  He has a way with words and is a very gifted songwriter as well as guitarist.  He was lucky that he didn't have to go through the audition process like the other lads in Celtic Thunder.  He was hired to do the the backing vocals in the studio for Phil Coulter's new show "Celtic Thunder" and  he would also be asked to be the guitar player for the production as well.  He is the complete package, a one man band with the talent and the skill to back it up.  His first venture outside of Celtic Thunder is a testament to his drive and ambition to be the best.

Sensitive Souls is his debut EP which was released on September 6, 2010  has 3 original songs and one song most everyone should be familiar with because it was originally recorded by Madonna as a dance track.  Sadie Jones and I is the first track on the Cd, Neil and his dad wrote the lyrics for it and he wrote the music.  It's an uptempo and lighthearted song about meeting a girl, going to work every morning and years down the road marrying this girl and having a family with her then reflecting on the whole thing.  Raoul and Her Ladyship is the second song on the Cd was co-written with Nichole Hudson. The third song is Truador which is an acoustic version of the song that was on his website.  The fourth song  is Cherish which has been reworked into a love song after the tempo was lowered.  I really can't do an introduction to Sensitive Souls the justice it deserves so I've added the actual introduction to the EP that Neil Byrne uploaded toYouTube.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I absolutely love this Cd even though I only recently downloaded it from eMusic, I have seen several of  Neil's acoustic videos  plus the video of Sadie Jones which is really great and can be seen on YouTube.  I've listened to some of his music from his reverbnation page.  Once you get hooked your basically hooked for life.  He is good at drawing you in and keeping you there for the long haul.  I'll write more about Neil when I take a look at his solo Cd, Pale Blue Jak - Faces. Please check out Neil Byrne on Facebook and on YouTube.  He's definitely worth it.  I've had the pleasure of seeing him perform live as well as meeting him twice.  He's an absolute doll but next time I think I'll ask for a hug and give him a kiss.

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