Saturday, January 29, 2011

Loosing Weight??

?? is it possible to loose weight??
They seem to being able to loose the weight on the Biggest Looser but that isn't reality. Those people live on a ranch with nothing but healthy food and two amazing trainers whose job it is to mold the contestants' bodies into shape.

You and I don't live in an environment where there is noting to eat but healthy food and we definitely don't have 24hr access to a gym. Gym memberships come at a premium so the only real sort of exercise for those who are poor is walking. Although walking is great exercise sometimes its not easy to do especially if you live in an area where there is possibility of snow. If you have cable tv you might find that there is Fit Tv channel available to you which is cool cause it has hundreds of different exercise routines for you. You'll probably just have to go through them one at a time to see what works for you.

I'm lucky because I have Fit Tv on demand which is great cause I can check out the ones I like without any major commitment. I would love to have access to a gym but when your underemployed gym membership isn't an option at least in the near future.

It seems to me that if your poor it is harder to obtain the so called healthy foods. After you pay your bills the money that is left can be used to purchase food for your survival. Those of us who do the majority of the grocery shopping will buy the essentials which doesn't always mean healthy food. My family never buys junk food but then again we will occasionally buy a box or two of brownie mix. We just can't seem to get away from buying stuff with high fructose corn syrup in it no matter how hard we look. We will buy frozen veggies instead of fresh mainly because they are cheaper. Canned veggies are only good for making soup.

I got asked this morning why don't I cook anymore? My reason for not wanting to cook is simple I just don't wanna eat anymore than I need to. I'm sick and tired of being overweight. I'm tired of being tired all the time. I'm disgusted at the fact that I have no energy to do normal activities in life without taking a 3 hour nap in between. I need to loose a little over 100 pounds which doesn't seem like a lot but in my reality it is because I live in a household of enablers.

Enablers in my world drive me toward food I shouldn't be eating or give me reason to eat xl large portions of food. My enabler complains all the time which drives me crazy but instead of pulling out my hair or putting fist through the wall I eat. For example I'll make chocolate fudge and eat more than a normal person will. I'll make a box of brownies and eat about a 1/3 of it. My enabler is overweight just as I am but she/he will complain just to hear his/her own voice. Why do people who are enabler not realize what they are doing to us. They bring us down with their negative attitude while expecting us to be perfect. My enabler thinks no one can do anything the right way except her/him which drives me crazy. I am perfectly capable of doing just about anything but I hate having to kiss up just to get someone to realize that. I don't mind cooking or cleaning I just hate that this enabler can't except the fact that not everyone works on his/her schedule.

When I do the grocery shopping I try to work from a list simply because I can't remember everything I need to get. My enabler gets mad when I go to the store and don't bring home any protein like hamburger or if I pass a McD's I don't stop in to pick up some burgers. I can't read minds so if you want me to get something on my way home you gotta call me otherwise I'll come home empty handed and have to listen to hours and hours and hours of complaining from the complainer.

I just wish life was as simple as the contestants on the Biggest Looser because loosing weight would be a piece of cake.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Movie Posters

As I mentioned in a previous blog I sell original movie posters. When most people think of movie posters that can be purchased they think of the ones sold in video and craft stores but mine are the ones seen in a movie theater.

I consider myself very lucky to have acquired a small collection of movie posters. All my posters are original double sided posters that adorn theater walls. I have four different posters currently for sale on ebay.

All of my poster listing are Buy It Now instead of the traditional Auction style. I can mail out purchaser's item as soon as it is paid for without having to wait for auction to end. Since I usually have more than one copy of each poster this feature is easier to use. I don't think there has been a dissatisfied customer that has purchased one of my posters.

I don't even think my prices are too high although I did have someone ask me to lower the cost of shipping on a particular bus shelter poster so they could buy it. The person that made the request never bought the poster instead someone else bought it. I learned my lesson never lower your shipping just because someone said they would buy it if the shipping was cheaper. The tubes that bus shelter posters come in are much longer than the ones I use to ship the standard 27x40 poster in which is why it shipping cost for bus shelter posters is much greater.

I currently have two posters from Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway.

I also have four posters from Hannah Montana: The Movie starring Miley Cyrus. I think its a good price for Hannah Montana fans, if they still exist.

I have five copies of the poster Leap Year which features Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. I think of Ireland every time I look at it.

Also for sale is the poster Bride Wars which features Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway dressed in lovely wedding dresses. I have 3 copies of this particular poster.

All of my poster came from the theater where I work, while most might never have left the tube they were originally shipped in some show minor wear and tear along the edges. Minor is just that minor and if you put the poster in a frame you probably wouldn't notice any minor tears along the edges. The following link will lead you to all the posters mentioned in this blog.

Selling Online

Over the past couple of years I've been making handmade earrings and the occasional bracelet. I've never really sold anything I've made mostly given it away as a gift. Two months ago I post two pair of earrings I made on a site called Etsy. This web site deals mostly with handmade items which is great because I have a box of earrings I need to sell.

My reason for posting only two items was simply put I wanted to see if I could get any interest which seems to be an impossible task. I guess I need to post more things but I'm weary of not finding anyone to buy what I'm selling. I check out other stores that sell handmade jewelry thinking my stuff looks just as good as theirs. I've posted each item on my fb page hoping to get some interest but still nothing. So I've decided its time to write a new blog to start the year.

I also am an ebay seller well at least I'm the one doing the posting even if its my brother's account. I sell original movie posters that I got from working at a movie theater. Movie theater posters are made from high quality paper unlike the stuff you find in the stores. I've even posted them on my fb and my brother's but still no response.

I currently am severely underemployed and thought that if I got back into selling posters I might make a little profit to counteract my lack of work. Maybe just maybe if I post some more posters and jewelry I'll get someone interested. I shipped most of my stuff to the states with a limited amount of international shipping. International shipping is outrageous which is probably why I rarely get buyers from outside of continental US.