Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday 2nd of January

On the first day of January in the 2009 I decided to start blogging more. I saw the episode of Martha Stewart on Blogging which got me to thinking I really should blog more. Maybe just maybe it would help in my quest to make this year better. Like I said in my previous blog I have a list of small goals I want to fulfill. I will try my best to complete each task I have set forth.

Today was the first day I've been to work since the new year began. It seems like I dread getting up every time I have to work. I've been having this feeling since last summer when my hours got almost chopped in half. I thought the day started out good I wasn't late which was good because my cell phone is probably down to 2.00 dollars available for calling.

However I didn't do what I should have done at work. I was porter which basically means I have to check the bathrooms but I didn't do it while I was on door. I guess I sorta knew I'd get a write up for that. Then the GM who I detest with all the fiber of my being put down that I didn't properly do theater checks. The guy is just a jerk who thinks he's this super human we should put on a pedestal. So not only did I get two write ups on one sheet but I got movie privileges taken away for 60 days. I haven't told my brother who was looking forward to seeing a movie this weekend.

I've decided to take this 60 day opportunity to find a better job. I don't know how I'm gonna do it but I swear I will be gone before the 60 days. I deserve a lot of credit for staying at a company where I feel unappreciated everyday I work. No one should ever go to work feeling the way I do. I know a few people who left the theater only to land on their feet. I'm sure that will happen to me but I will continue to work everyday I'm scheduled knowing that one day soon I will say goodbye for good.

Earlier this morning I wasn't feeling good mostly having an upset tummy. It has since subsided.

Tonight my mom gave me the money to get an electric blanket for my bed because our house is so cold that I can't keep my bed warm. I'd been using a heating pad but after a while it would turn off. Now I can go to bed and stay warm through the night into the morning.

I got online tonight regretting what I had written to some guy only to find that he had sent me the most beautiful letter. It moved me to tears but they were tears of joy instead of sadness. I wrote him back telling him my story well at least an abridged version.

Tonight I sent an email to a local radio personality hoping that she might be able to steer in the right direction as I look for a new job. Maybe with some help I will find a better job that offers real benefits instead of crappy perks that can be taken away at will. I'm sure I will sleep better tonight in my new warm bed hoping that tomorrow will be better.

To anyone that reads these blogs my peace be with you. Have a good night and I will see you back here tomorrow night.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

This is my first blog of the new year. Wow it's already 2009 how fast the previous year came and went. If I look back on my life in '08 I can see lots of ups and downs but mostly downs. I spent many nights crying more than any normal female is capable of doing. Never really had a serious relationship that year. Started online dating in the summer. Recently started using the Plenty of Fish dating service. Seem to be having better luck than Your Dating Spot. I didn't really fulfill any of my resolutions for that year so I've decided to make small goals or things I'd like to achieve in 2009.

I think the idea of making a list of resolutions is that you never keep them. Most people fall off the wagon almost a month or so after making the resolution. The biggest resolution I think people make is to loose weight. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are the holidays that sweets are most plentiful. I should know because I made my fair share of cookies this holiday season. I made 3 pies for Thanksgiving. Baking seems to be big the last two months of the year. Then like clockwork everyone makes a resolution to loose weight starting off the new year on a healthy note. I know that I am guilty of doing just that and usually fall off after a month or so. Usually around the first birthday I'm back to my old habits of thoroughly enjoying what I eat. I consider myself to be a foodie. I am also an emotional eater which is a really bad habit. They say bad habits die hard. I believe that to be true but I also think that you can change them to be good habits.

This New Year I've decided not to make any stupid resolutions that I know I won't probably keep. Instead I've decide on a few small goals to help me out of the ruts I get into from time to time. I've decided I'd rather try being healthy instead of trying to loose ninety pounds. I think there will be less pressure on me if I try loosing weight without really stating that is what I want to do.

Starting on or near the beginning of January 2009 I have decided to do the following:
1. Stop drinking pop or soda; only allowing myself to drink water.
2. Make a better attempt to find a NEW JOB with real benefits.
3. Attempt to exercise more than I did in the past year.
4. Try not to be so angry
5. Go out on a date
6. Cut down on the amount of sugar I eat
7. Learn to earn smaller portions.
8. Work on my back so it doesn't hurt as much.
9. Try to save more money.

I know this won't be posted on the first of January like I had hoped but its still at least close to the beginning of the month.

I hope everyone has a great new year because I think 2008 ended on a very sour note. Lets pray that we as a nation can recover to be more prosperous in 2009