Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chronic Pain

In the Spring of 2003 as I was heading for the laundry room in my dorm I slipped on a wet landing thus hitting my back squarely into the edge of a step. I was a little shaken and sore at the time but I pressed through it with a smile on my face. I graduated in May of that year with no visible signs of pain from the slip. I had no idea that 5 years later the pain would emerge.

The beginning of 2008 I started having back pains. The pain started small and eventually got more painful. It seemed like I was having chronic pain but then again it only lasted for a little while eventually I was pain free or so I thought. First time it happened was early part of the year when there was snow on the ground.

The second time was around the beginning of Spring I think. I can't be too sure because I could swear it was farther apart but the body can play tricks with the mind. It might not have been the beginning of spring but it was spring. The pain was more definite this time. It was in the same general area as the first time. It lasted just as long as the first time which was weird. I've tried different ways to get this pain to go away. I usually lay on a heating pad or I sit on it depending on what I'm doing. I take a lot of OTC pain medicine. Sometime if I walk around for a bit the pain will subside but only for a little bit.

As of today I've been in pain again a total of 5 days I think. See the pain plays tricks on the mind. I've been hurting so much that I can't remember all that well. I can't stand being on the computer at my home simply because I don't have a decent chair to sit in. The longer I sit the sorer I feel and the tighter my muscles in my leg get. Tonight I was reading about back problems on the website I think I have neuropathic pain according to the diagram on My pain starts in my lower back and then travels down my left leg all the way to my toes on my left foot. As I was reading it I thought it was chronic but now that I think about it the pain doesn't happen all the time. If it happened more frequently I might think it was chronic but it has only happened three times.

I just never thought I would be spending my life in so much pain. I try to manage the pain as well as I can given my situation in life. I work at a job that doesn't offer insurance to its workers. I have to treat it the only way I know how. I take OTC drugs that do some good then I rely on a heating pad to do some work and in the morning I rely of hot water from the shower to do its part. All together I think I'm doing pretty good just getting by. But when I get to a point where the pills aren't working or the heat isn't doing its job then I get a little emotional. I cry a lot. I try doing something so my mind isn't connecting with the pain but that only last for so long. I try talking to other people. I talk about my pain sometimes that works because it brings the pain in perspective. But then again I've gotten to the point where my mom has suggested I go to the emergency room because the pain is so sharp. I just hope that going to a chiropractor all though it may not be who I need to see but she may be able to shed some light on my pain and what I should be doing.

I give a lot of credit to people who can manage their own pain without help from the medical profession. I just feel that this pain is far beyond my control. I decided to write this blog as a way to redistribute my pain. I figure if I talk openly about it maybe someone else will let me into to their life of pain. I think that I will have to live the rest of my life with some type of pain just maybe not to this degree.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Fellow Americans

My Fellow Americans

The time has come to elect a team that is prepared to fight for what they believe in.

That is why I am urging all Americans who are registered to vote to do just that VOTE.

It is imperative that you cast your ballot on November 4th for the candidates who are putting COUNTRY FIRST.

I may not be a political analyst but I know what this COUNTRY needs. It needs a man like John S. McCain at the helm with a feisty first mate Sarah Palin waiting in the wings.

This is a team I trust to do what they say. A team dedicated to putting COUNTRY FIRST.

The United States is a great place to live no wonder so many immigrants want to come here.

We are a melting pot founded on the principles of Democracy. Principles that never included the words socialist or socialism.

So why are so many Americans willing to align themselves with a candidate who has proven time and time that he wants a socialist government. A government where the people are not entitled to anything. Where the state is in total control of your daily lives. Barack Obama wants the United States to become the next NEW RUSSIA.

People tell me to do research. They tell me I don't check my facts. Well this researcher has done more than any human being alive on the internet has done. Because if you've done real research and checked your facts you would not be supporting the OBAMA/BIDEN ticket in November.

Because real change will happen by ELECTING JOHN MCCAIN/SARAH PALIN instead. They are what is right for this COUNTRY. They are the ones I feel will get the job done in Washington. They are the ones willing to fight special interest groups and cross party lines to get their points heard.

Which is why on November 4th I will be casting my ballot for McCain/Palin. Because I believe they know what's best for this Country.

On September 5th I will attend the Road to Victory Rally in Sterling Heights, MI. I will joining Michigan Republicans,hopefully some smart Independants and maybe some ex-Hillary supporters in support of a team worth fighting for.


Who I am!!!

Who I am?

*I am a 36yr old female
*I am a proud American
*I am an individual who voices her opinion
*I am a college graduate with a BA in Communications
*I am a woman who thinks
*I am a person who knows right from wrong
*I am registered voter from the great state of Michigan
*I am a former Democrat turned Independent
*I am a citizen who does not want to live in a Communist or Socialist society
*I am sickened by the knowledge that the DNC would back a candidate who wants to make the United States a Socialist country
*I am upset with fellow alumni who think that Obama is what is right for this country
*I am upset with the media who will not ATTACK Senator Barack Obama instead takes every chance they can to poke holes in the Republican ticket
*I am upset at the political ads attacking John McCain
*I am upset that the state of Michigan got the shaft from the DNC even if they allowed them to be seated at the convention in Denver
*I am upset that Obama supporters can get away with harming peaceful protestors at the DNC convention
*I am glad that Obama supporters who are not peaceful in St Paul will face criminal punishment
*I am embarresed when I see individuals touting a candidate without knowing the whole truth.

Now you know who I am.