Monday, January 21, 2013

A Year in Review

I know this blog is about Celtic Dreams which would usually be centered around the guys of Celtic Thunder but since I wasn't able to go to a CT concert last year this time its just gonna be about MY year.

I started Jan. 1, 2012 unemployed and not so sad about loosing my job, a job I really grew to hate over the last few years.  I figured it was time for a change of scenery but I assure you I was not ready for the nightmare that was my year.

I was lucky that I had some money in a 401K but that didn't last long especially when I had to visit a specialist about my breathing.  The summer was not good at all.  I spent 3 hours the day before my birthday in the ER and the only thing they did was do a CT scan.  It was specialist that I feel like I wasted my money on but the up side was that it didn't cost me thousands of dollars to see him.  The ER visit cost me 2900 which I can't pay for since I don't have a job or any form of insurance.

I met some new friends in the CT Pub which is a great place for me to relax especially when I need to unwind.

My mom went to the ER the night before Thanksgiving and was admitted on Thanksgiving morning.  I had already made some things for the dinner but now we were going to be 1 less this year.  I made the turkey, the stuffing and the mashed potatoes.  She was in the hospital until the following Monday when she was transferred to a skilled nursing rehab facility.  She stayed in there 20 days though I think the PT people wanted her to stay longer but she kept telling them that she couldn't afford it.  My mom takes care of the finances so she knows what she can afford and what she can't.

On the 16th of December she finally got out of that place.  They didn't work with her to help prepare her to come home so when she came home that Sunday she almost didn't get into the house because she was afraid to fall.  She had only did the stairs in rehab once which wasn't enough especially when we have 3 steps you have to climb in order to get in our kitchen.

Christmas was not so good last year it wasn't so bad at least I got to see CT at the Fox Theatre in Detroit but not this year.  I did see Neil and Ryan at the Old Shillelagh in Detroit on May 11, 2012.  It was probably the highlight of my year.  Santa did not visit my house this year and its not because I was on the naughty list it was because no one could afford it.  I was happy when I was baking cookies or bread but it was the time in between that was the darkest for me.

I ended the year just as I started the year broke and unemployed, two things I never thought would happen to me.  I so wanted to work but it just wasn't in the cards for me but not this year.  I have a new train of thought and I've decided to go for the Brass Ring its the only way for me to be happy.  Ever since I changed the direction of this blog I've become one with the music that I love.

One of my resolutions is starting to come true now if I can just stick with my goals and plans I will be a new person at the end of next year 2013.

Look out 2013, this is my year.

Sorry its a bit late, but better late than never.