Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rifts Gaming books

I have recently added two Rifts World Gaming and Palladium Books to my online store. I have Palladium Fanatasy Role Playing Game book, second edition for sale along with Rifts Japan World book no. 8. Both books are used but are in good condition.

The Palladium books is in near mint condition. This book doesn't appear to have ever been used by its previous owner. The was purchased from a gaming store that sold both new and used books. It is hard to tell that this book is used but it is. I current owner of this book but I know nothing about the book itself other than the condition. I do not know how the game works.

The Rifts Japan World Book 8 is also used but the condition of is not quite as mint as the Pallidium. It was also purchased at a gaming store among other used gaming books. However, this book was probably was used by the previous owner maybe not as frequent but it does show signs of use. The wear and tear of this book is limited to the front and back cover. Some of the corners have a slight bend but that is all. There is no damage to the inside that might alter any of the writings in the book. As previous mention I am the current owner of this book but I know nothing about this book other than what I've read.

Again I don't know anything about role play games. These books have been in my possession since 2005 and would like for them to find a home with someone who would make use of either books. I believe I have placed a fair price on both books. I will ship books via USPS Priority Mail. I will not only ship to anywhere in the United States but also Canada and the UK. I would consider adding any other country if I get enough response for either book.

Both books are listed for BUY IT NOW at my store on the Auctiva website. This is the link to my store where the books can be found:

Now I will include a description of each book as listed in the wikipedia website:

The Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game is a game produced by Palladium Books. It is set in a unique world, called the Palladium World (the unofficial name of Palladia is disliked by Palladium), with the primary setting being some 10,000 years after a great war between the elves and their dwarven allies. First published in 1983 as The Palladium Role-Playing Game[1], the Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game saw a 2nd edition in 1996[2]. The two editions are largely compatible, though second edition uses a later iteration of Palladium's ruleset, to be more compatible with the rest of their Megaverse.

Rifts Japan
Four pre-Rifts cities suddenly materialize from a pocket dimension. For them, three days have passed since the Great Cataclysm began, for the rest of humankind its has been 300 years! Pre-Rifts Glitter Boys, people, and technology clash with anti-technology traditionalists, magic, and oni demons! Traditional O.C.C.s like the Samurai, Mystic Ninja, Yamabushi Priest and Warrior Monks, blend with high tech marvels like the Dragon-Borg, Ninja Juicer, and Cyberoid. Highlights Include:• Dragon Cyborgs and new bionics and implants• Japanese dragons, demons, monsters and magic.• Japanese body armor, robots, power armor and weapons.• Over 20 new character classes including the Demon Queller, Samurai, Mystic Ninja, Juicer Ninja, Glitter Boy Marine, Tengu Birdmen, and others.• The "living" samurai sword - a rune weapon.• Mysticism and martial arts.• World information about Japan and surrounding areas. Lots of insight and info about the high-tech Republic of Japan, the anti- technologists of the New Empire, the evil Otomo Shogunate, the monster ridden Zone and more.• Written by Kevin Siembieda with Pat Nowak.• Art by Martin, Post, Breaux, and Zeleznik.

Now that you know a little about both books I hope you take a look at them at my store on Auctiva. Again you can find them at I hope you stop by and take a look. I have other things for sale besides these two books but I am writing this blog to get the word out about these two incredible books.