Thursday, November 6, 2008


Soon we will begin counting down the days to Christmas 2008. Shopping always seems to be a big hastle never being able to find the right gift.

This year why not take a look at Ebay shopping. No hassle and you can even shop in your pj's. No long lines; no searching for the correct size only to find they don't have anymore in stock. When you go shopping on Ebay you have a choice to you "BUY IT NOW" or "Place A Bid."

When you go to you'll see tons of categories you can search in. But you will need to set up an account to use Ebay which is pretty easy and its really safe site.

If you decide to place a bid make sure you really know what you are bidding on. Ask the seller any question you might have about the item in question. A good Ebay seller is willing to answer any questions a potential buyer might have. Good sellers want buyers purchasing their items to have a wonderful experience. It's buyers who have great Ebay experiences that become repeat customers or who tell their friends about a particular seller.

If your a woman with a purse fettish know how hard it is to find that perfect purse for a great price. I have first hand expereince doing just that because I love Tommy Hillfiger, the older Coach purses, old style of Gucchi, and of course Dooney and Burke. I use to save searches for the brands I loved always searching for the one. I've found "THE ONE" serveral times only to get out bid. I finally did purchase a Tommy Hillfiger purse that had a "Buy It Now" option.

With such a wide range of things up for auction on Ebay potential gift giving has many options. I personally know of an Ebay seller who has a vast array of items up for auction some with the "Buy It Now" feature added. My friend's name is pudgypug2234. He currently has listed a variety of Yu-Gi-Oh playing cards most of which are rare and in mint condition. He also has listed a couple of original movie posters that once hung in a shadow box at a movie theater. The posters are in excellent conditon some may have minor damage only because they were handled. He is promising to add more posters. He has tons of posters he needs to get rid of.

If you have a movie conniseur on your shopping list this Christmas my friend definitely has some great posters that would please any movie buff.

Here is a list of some of the posters he has in his collection:

1. Three different prints of the Golden Compass featuring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig;

2. Two different versions of the Love Guru featuring Mike Myers;
3. Bee Movie the film that featured the voice of Jerry Seinfeld;
4. Fred Claus featuring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti;
5. Evan Almighty featuring Steve Carell;
6. Eastern Promises featuring Viggo Morteson;
7. Charlotte's Web featuring the voices of Julia Roberts and Reba McIntire.
8. Two different versions of Kitt Kidredge: An American Girl featuring Abigail Breslin and Chris O'Donnell;
and much more more too many to name in this blog.

He even has a one of a kind movie poster only ever seen in a bus depot. The only one in his collection

He also has for sale various knitted items created from his mom's hands.
I will blog more about my friend but for now I will leave you with a link to his store on Auctiva.